Describe your own Alethrion character!

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Describe your own Alethrion character!

Postby Siegio » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:53 pm

While we don´t have that much to go on just yet, I would like to hear how people would imagine themselves, if they suddenly found themselves in the Alethrion universe!
Would you be a travelling Salamander merchant from a bustling city like Drahloque? A swordmaster frogman with a thirst for vengeance? Or maybe a silly human being, just wondering what the world outside your hometown looks like...

Anything goes! I look forward to hearing what some of you other fans of the series have to say about it! :)

- Siegio
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Re: Describe your own Alethrion character!

Postby Livadaru » Sat May 02, 2015 8:14 pm

Well, if I was in an universe where everyone was trying to kill me, or get something from me, keeping distance will be the best solution. Long range weapons, such as sniper rifles and bows, would be a good choice if close range-combat must be avoided at any cost. If ever caught in a close-range combat situation, quick movements and small weapon (switchblades, brass knuckles, cleavers) are the biggest advantage you can get. Medical knowledge will also come in handy. (Sorry for my english)
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Re: Describe your own Alethrion character!

Postby Gideon the Heir » Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:07 pm

I tried to create my own universe (through Paper RPGS), but I admit that next to Alethrion, it looks so much more sad... I'm kinda jealous :|

If I ever had a character in Alethrion, I would be a young aspiring blacksmith ,named Gideon Sullenjoust, trying to fulfill a life-long quest: to bear his family's ashes contained in great torch 'Hope' from one side of the country to another.
Bound to his duty, he tries to remain stoic and cold, but can't help being clumsy, which often reveals a kind but a bit talkative individual. Although swiftness is not his cup of tea, he stands resiliant and is quite the strong man, indeed, 'Hope' weighs a whopping two hundred and twenty two kilos, and he has carrying it since he was twelve... 'Hope' also makes an effective shield due to its size and can spit fire on both enemies and allies, this, combined with wrestler skills makes him a tough fight to pick up.
As a blacksmith, he loves to clean and work on pieces of armor or weapons, saying that all of those have a soul of their own, and so does 'Hope', to him, the Torch is like a brother, sentimentally talking...
Here's a drawing of him ! :D
Gideon the Heir
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